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Last weekend riders from all over the state (and Australia) ventured to Kalgoorlie for the Goldfields Cyclassic. As usual Eastern Goldfields Cycle Club did not disappoint, putting on an incredible weekend of racing and fun for all involved.

As the riders arrived in Kalgoorlie they were transported to the basketball stadium for registration and to prepare their bikes, bodies, and minds for the long day ahead. Stage one was the challenging Menzies Classic. The riders were called into the stadium for the race briefing and the all-important handicaps. The first group of D graders rolled to the line just before the traditional starting time of 10:10 am. The gun went off and the D graders rolled off the line making the most of the handicap. Over the next 45 minutes, each grade went off until only A grade was left. As each grade raced along the Goldfields Highway all working as hard as they could to increase their chances of winning. The race came together with only a mere 15km to the finish. The race became a tactical affair with many riders trying to break away, none of these breakaways stuck until with 5.5km to go two riders, Aron Barclay (Cyclemania Racing Team) and Brett Stapleton (Veris Racing Team) got away and shared the workload until the very final stages of the race.

Theo Yates (Drapac Cannondale Holistic Development Team) and the 2018 Cyclassic winner Simon Billeau (Cyclemania Racing Team) sprinted from the peloton to catch Barclay in the last 20 meters but they couldn’t catch Stapleton, who rode away to secure the Menzies Classic win.

As the riders concluded the stage one they were greeted to a range of muffins, fruits, drinks and a hot shower at the Menzies Caravan Park, which was appreciated after a long day on the bike. Then it was time for the local children to shine, having their own race down the main street of Menzies. Everyone soon piled into the Menzies Town Hall to enjoy the feast put on by the Kookyine Women’s Association. As everyone filled there bellies, DJ Rev entertained the crowd with some old school tunes and great dancing. DJ Rev even managed to get a handful of people lucky or unlucky depending on how you look at it to do some line dancing for the crowd.

As the dancing concluded the presentations started and Erik, the ever happy MC presented the prizes for stage one. As everyone left dinner they were greeted by a fabulous display of fireworks that rivalled Sydney Harbour on New Year’s Eve proudly put on by the Shire on Menzies.

Riders then travelled to their accommodation, whether that be at the Menzies Caravan Park or at the famous Morapoi Station. Those who stayed at Morapoi Station were treated to nice warm fires around the station before heading off to their allocated rooms.

Riders arrived back into Menzies for the 2nd stage of racing, the Leonora Golden Wheels.

A community breakfast was held for everyone to fuel up for the challenging day of racing that awaited them.

Riders were given the riders briefing, it was clear that the 2nd stage was going to be hard, the riders had to deal with crosswinds of 25/km and gusts up to 37km/h.

Racing began and the groups took off one by one with A grade starting 35 minutes back from the leading D grade group.

After a tough start and expected crosswinds, the A grade peloton had caught the front still with 35km to go.

Like the previous day, once everyone was together tactics played a large part in the finish. With 30km to go a break of 5 formed, Jared Anderson (Dome Coffees), Aron Barclay (Cyclemania Racing Team), Matthew Peterson (Veris Racing), Patrick Saccani-Williams (Velofit) and Theo Yates (Drapac Cannondale Holistic Development Team).

With 20km to go the break was reduced to 4 (Barclay, Peterson, Saccani-Williams, and Yates) coming into town Saccani-Williams made two big attacks dropping Peterson first and then Barclay. Coming out of the final corner Yates launched a devastating and commanding sprint to win the Leonora Golden Wheels for the 2nd time, whilst securing the Cyclassic overall victory.

After the conclusion of the Leonora Golden Wheels, the riders were once again greeted by a range of Muffins, fruits and drinks to enjoy as they packed up their bikes and bags. Everyone then enjoyed the festivities of the Leonora Golden Gift, Australia’s richest running mile.

As the festivities for the Golden Gift wrapped up the riders made their way up to the local bowling club to do the presentations for the Leonora Golden Wheels and the overall results. Here riders enjoyed free drinks and food as they shared their stories and personal successes of the weekend.

Once the presentations wrapped up the riders jumped on the bus heading to the airport to fly back to Perth or drove back to Kalgoorlie. All satisfied with a great weekend out in the outback.


Below are the results are the Goldfields Cyclassic:

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