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We’re in a great period for cycling infrastructure investment in WA at the moment with the completion of the many projects that have resulted from the State Government’s record $146m spend over the last 4 years. And this has come at the right time, with more people than ever riding a bike for transport, fun and for a healthier lifestyle.

But the work is not over and we need the help of the bike riding community to continue to ask the state and local governments to continue to #investincycling

There are many ways where you can make a difference in your local community and for those that may not alot of time to dedicate to, the simplest way that you can contribute is by completing the short surveys and provide feedback when community consultation has been sought on transport and planning strategies and plans.

If there isn’t any current active consultations in your area, other tips are to report any Hazards or Maintenance issues in your local area and even go to your local government website and download a copy of your local governments Bike Plan and ask for an update of its progress.

We encourage everyone to show their support and provide respectful, reasonable and helpful feedback so that this record investment is continued for many years to come.

To show your support, check our website for the latest consultation opportunities https://westcycle.org.au/major-works-updates/ or to report a hazard or maintenance issue, you can read our guide https://westcycle.org.au/explore/hazard-reporting-guide/


I always wondered why somebody doesn’t do something about that. Then I realised I was somebody – Lily Tomlin


Below are some current opportunities to contribute

Metronet – Communication and Engagement Activities Survey – Closes 2 August 2020

Perth Riverfront Survey – Closes 7 August 2020

Tonkin Highway Extension (Thomas Road to South Western Highway) Survey – Closes 10 August 2020

Tonkin Highway Corridor (between Hale and Kelvin Road) Feedback – Closes Soon

Subi East Master Plan Survey – Closes 10 September 2020


There will be many more opportunities so please continue to check the website and let’s make WA’s a truly bike-friendly state.