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Fremantle Traffic Bridge – Swan River Crossings Feedback Survey

Closes 20 September 2020


The McGowan Government and Main Roads WA have invited community feedback on the project to replace the Fremantle River Crossing Bridges across the Swan River. These river crossings are vital pieces of the puzzle to finally connect Fremantle to Perth with a principal shared path.

While there are lots of aspects and opportunities for this project to transform the area by creating new recreational public spaces, safer and efficient movement for road, rail and river users and preservation of the heritage of the existing bridge, our focus is primarily on the safe, convenient and connected movement of bike riders, both on-path and on-road.

After being involved in some of the consultation sessions, there are three concerns that we would like to highlight and encourage the bike riding community to also voice these concerns.

Our specific concerns are:

    1. The proposed shared path does not take the most direct and logical path into Fremantle, which would be along the rail bridge, not the traffic bridge.
    2. Despite the graphic below giving the impression that this will connect further south towards Fremantle, it is our understanding that the proposed separated shared path on the traffic bridge finishes on the Eastern side of Beach Street, meaning the path will stop abruptly and riders will need to cross Beach Street and navigate heavy traffic in doing so. Connecting into Fremantle is not part of this project’s scope which will leave us with a path that ends in the same way that the PSP used to abruptly stop at Grant Street in Cottesloe.
    3. It is unclear whether recreational riders crossing the traffic bridge on the road in groups will have sufficient space in an appropriate shoulder to minimise mixing with traffic and avoid them having to ‘take the lane’.

How can you get involved?

In the survey, Questions 6 and 9 ask:

“If you have any further questions please let us know so we can address them in future project updates and/or add them to the FAQs”

We encourage you to write in one or both of these free text areas and tell the State Government and Main Roads that the PSP needs to be at least fully grade-separated (no busy road crossings), provide the most direct route to Fremantle and ensure that the safety of on-road riders is also considered as part of the new bridge design.

We acknowledge the significant challenges in designing this new infrastructure, as well as the significant investment made along the Fremantle train line for bike riding in recent years, but given that this is a once in a century project, it is important that the final solution is future-proofed that can accommodate future growth in bike riding in years to come.

The survey is open until 20 September 2020 and we encourage you all to take a moment to consider the additional context we have provided and complete the online survey.