Event Sanctioning & Management


Organising a cycling event can be hard work, but delivers great reward to the community and participants when done successfully. When events are sanctioned by WestCycle a commitment to safety, quality standards and regulations are adhered to. This information is designed to help support your event organisation and standardise the safe operation of road cycling events in Western Australia.

Individuals or groups embarking on organising an event may have a range of different motivations. Whatever these motivations are, the commitment to quality and safety are paramount.

Conducting events is a core activity of WestCycle Road & Track and our clubs. WestCycle has recognised the increasing demands on event organisers imposed by authorities in response to changing regulations and requirements. It also remains aware of the resources and limitations of clubs (as event organisers) in meeting extensive event demands. WestCycle is determined to take a leadership role in addressing risk management in a way that instils confidence in authorities whilst at the same time assists clubs conduct their events in an efficient and effective manner.

A core process in any cycling event is the Event Management Plan (EMP). The Event Management Plan forms the basis for conducting an event that can be developed and adapted for use in future years. The objectives of the EMP are:

  • Assist Event Organisers to deliver a well-prepared, safe, legally/financially sound and ultimately successful event
  • Ensure that the risk management standards for the category of event are addressed.
  • Provide all relevant authorities (Police, Road Authority, Local Council) with a detailed event plan that covers their requirements
  • Provide WestCycle with a document that meets sanctioning requirements


The categorisation of all Cycling Australia sanctioned events is important to ensuring the implementation of consistent risk management practices across the organisations events.

The category ranking determines the nature of the event and the appropriate operational standards that need to be applied. It promotes consistent event delivery across the country and provides the foundation for a National Ranking System in the future.

Cycling Australia National Events Categories



WestCycle, Cycling Victoria and Cycling Australia have a number of event standards to which varying levels of event must achieve in order to receive their sanction.   The following documents outline those requirements.

National Road Series Standards

Victorian Road Series Standards


Risk management is a critical part of any event sanctioned by WestCycle.  The risk management processed developed by Cycling Australia is recognition that risk management is an integral part of good management practice. WestCycle is committed to establishing an organisational culture ensuring that risk management is embedded in WestCycle activities and business operations.

National Risk Register

The National Risk Register is a documentation of the risks associated with all levels of events, their severity and the treatment actions to be taken. The Risk Register is a valuable resource for ensuring that risk treatment strategies and plans are incorporated into event management practices. It can be utilized by event organisers as an event planning checklist and as a guide to developing event specific Risk Management Plans. It is a reference for administrators and officials when reviewing event policies and procedures. The Risk Register will require a process of continual review and updating in response to new issues that are identified or may arise.

Download Risk Register

Risk Management Criteria for Events:

State Events: Category 3 & 4 Gold Events

Club and Combine Events: Category 5 & 6



WestCycle sanction Inter Club, Open and State Events. All other Club events are expected to undertake their own Event and Risk Management process. Tools listed on this page are available to assist all events.

To receive sanctioning and assessment of an Inter Club, Open or State event with consultation of the Race Management Committee the following documents must be submitted to WestCycle:

  • Event Sanctioning Application Form
  • Event Management Plan or Rider Guide
  • Traffic Management Plan (if the event is held on open roads)
  • Police and local council approvals
  • Main Roads approval (if applicable)
  • Risk Management Plan

The Race Management Committee meets once a month, and documentation must be submitted via EntryBoss under your admin account > All Events > Add New Event at least 2 months prior for review.

Additional event support options and management guidelines are available for discussion.



WestCycle offers a handicapping service to events that require it, for a fee of $100. This takes into account the considerable amount of time required to research and complete handicapping.



State Open and
State Series Events
Inter ClubClub Only/Time Trial/
Timed Participation Event
Event Sanctioning Fee$500$500$250N/A
Transponder Hire (each)$5$5$5$5

Transponder hire fees and Handicapping fees inclusive of GST