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Technology is changing rapidly and so is our urban landscape.More people are using eScooters and other electric rideable devices for commuting and recreational purposes. New rules have now been introduced to keep eRiders and other West Australian road users safe.

What are the new eRideable rules?

What is considered an eRideable?

  • A small electric rideable device with at least one wheel
  • Is less than 125cm long, 70cm wide and 135cm high
  • Is 25kg or less and not capable of travelling faster than 25km/h on level ground

What isn’t an eRideable?

  • eBicycles (power-assisted pedal cycles)
  • Segways (electric personal transporters)
  • Motorised wheelchairs
  • Motorised scooters ≤200w

These devices are already governed by their own regulations under the Road Traffic Code 2000  and are not included in the new eRideable rules.

Where can I ride my eRideable?

  • eRideables can be ridden on
    • footpaths
    • bicycle paths
    • shared paths
    • local roads without centre lines and a speed limit of 50km/h or less
  • They may be ridden in bicycle lanes, but only on roads with a speed limit of 50km/h or less

Where can’t I ride my eRideable?

It will be illegal to ride an eRideable on:

  • A carriageway with a dividing line
  • A carriageway with a speed limit exceeding 50km/h
  • A one-way carriageway with more than one marked lane

How fast can I travel on my eRideable?

  • eRideables ridden on footpaths will be restricted to 10km/h
  • eRideables ridden on bicycle paths, shared paths and local roads can be ridden up to 25km/h

What safety equipment is required in order to be lawful?

  • eRiders must wear an approved helmet
  • eRiders must have lights and reflectors when riding at night
  • Where possible, a bell or other warning device must be fitted to the eRideable

Can I use my mobile phone?

  • eRiders must not touch or use a mobile phone when riding

Drink and drug driving

  • eRiders must maintain proper control of an eRideable device at all times and are subject to the same drink and drug driving laws as motor vehicle drivers

Minimum age

  • eRiders must be at least 16 years of age
  • Children under 16 will still be permitted to ride low-powered eScooters which do not exceed 200w or 10km/h

What if I have a device that doesn’t meet new rules?

Motor vehicles and electric devices that are capable of travelling over 10km/h have previously been illegal to ride on public roads and paths. If you have a motor vehicle/device which falls outside of the eRideable specifications (125cm long, 70cm wide, 135cm high, 25kg and capable of travelling faster than 25km/h) it will continue to be unlawful to be ridden on public roads and paths.

How to share the road with other road users

Making every journey safe is up to all Western Australians whether you’re walking, cycling, driving, or riding. As an eRider you need to be mindful and respectful of all path users by:

  • Complying with speed restrictions
  • Giving way to pedestrians
  • Keeping left unless overtaking
  • Using a bell or verbal warning when approaching pedestrians or other path users
  • Ensuring lights and reflectors are used when riding at night
  • Not carrying animals or additional people on your device

What to look for when buying an eRideable

If you’re considering buying an eRideable, please ensure it is compliant with the new regulations:

  • Less than 125cm long, 70cm wide and 135cm high
  • 25kg or less and not capable of travelling faster than 25km/h on level ground
  • No sharp protrusions

Where can I get more information?

The new eRideable rules span a number of different government agencies. A list of useful links can be found below if you’d like to access more information on Perth’s bike path network, taking eRideables on public transport, road and path information. If you have general information regarding eRideables please contact our team at the Road Safety Commission via email.

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