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Draft Fremantle Bike Plan Consultation

Closes 1 July 2019

The City of Fremantle is seeking feedback on its Draft Bike Plan before it is finalised and presented to Council for endorsement. Feedback closes 1 July 2019

In 2018, the City asked you to share your experiences riding in and around Fremantle to inform the Bike Plan Review. This input has been incorporated into the draft Bike Plan in three main ways:

  1. Nine ‘projects in the pipeline’ which are under consideration, subject to budget and approvals, and include route and cycling infrastructure improvements (see page 9).
  2. Staged planning and design process proposed for new and improving existing bike routes, incorporating the Department of Transport’s ‘route hierarchy’ of: Primary (off road paths/ routes); Secondary (protected on road lanes); and Local (low speed, low vehicle volume streets). Each route has an explanation for its timing (see page 10 to 17). Working with the Department of Transport with these hierarchies will help with future grant funding.
  3. Similar to the previous Bike Plan, the draft also includes programs and promotion activities to encourage riding, such as partnership with the Department of Transport’s Your Move Program and community events (see page 18).

To view the draft bike plan and to complete the survey

Feedback closes 1 July 2019


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