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Dome Little Critters is everyone’s favourite part of The Ring Summer Criterium Series. A circuit for kids under the age of 11, Dome Little Critters is about inclusivity and getting young kids into the world of cycling. Supervised by parents and coaches, these races promote not only physical activity but also healthy, fun competition. These races are free to enter thanks to the support of Dome Cafe Group and are an easy, exciting way to get outside and get active through cycling.


Dome Little Critters creates a safe environment for young kids to engage and participate in racing whilst also producing lasting memories and the chance to create new friendships. There is truly nothing like the Dome Little Critters and is a great way to immerse your kids into the world of racing. The Dome Little Critters ride will be at all five rounds of The Ring Criterium Series and is certain to make for a fun weekend for your entire family.


For more information about the Dome Little Critters and The Ring Criterium Series, visit https://ringcritseries.asn.au/little-critters.