Our Members get priority pricing – even after the Early Period period closes. If you’re not a member, it’s quick and easy to join, and you’ll be supporting WA cycling! Check out our Membership page HERE.

If you sign up as a member prior to entering to claim your discount, please allow 1-2 business days for your membership status to be processed.

As a member, you’ll also receive a host of other great benefits such as access to the exclusive Couch to Dams training program, monthly offers from our event partners including Pedal Mafia, Science in Sport, and Vault Cycle Services, and total peace of mind cycling-specific personal accident and third party liability insurance.


Couch to Dams is an exclusive training program for WestCycle Ride Members who have registered to participate in the 2021 Dams Challenge.

The program has been designed by the team of experts at Exercise Institute, with the goal of progressing you over time towards your chosen event injury free and in peak fitness.

Couch to Dams takes the standard Dams Training Guides to the next level, offering you a more comprehensive and interactive training program with specific activities prescribed across the week. The program is executed through TrainingPeaks so you can track your progress over time and stay motivated coming into the event.

As a Couch to Dams rider, you’ll get access to all of the following items, completely free:

Couch to Dams Benefits

Plus, if you’re new to TrainingPeaks, you’ll receive 2 weeks of premium membership! Following this, you can continue to access your Couch to Dams program on the standard version free of charge.

To join the free Couch to Dams program, simply sign up to the 2021 Dams Challenge as a WestCycle Member (if you’re not a member, make sure to join before you register HERE) and we will email you all the details you’ll need in order to gain access to the program. Too easy!