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The 54km 2 Dams Challenge is an excellent way to experience some of what the full course has to offer lets you experience the thrill of the event. Start with the 2 Dams and work up to the 3 Dams and 5 Dams in the future.

The 134km 3 Dams Challenge gives you a major taste of the challenge and over 1500m vertical climbing. It’s perfect for those aspiring to work up to the 5 Dams next year.

The 5 Dams Challenge is a challenging and rewarding event for serious cyclists throughout Australia. Put your legs to the test on this 205km ride featuring over 2,600m of vertical climbing.

The Dams Challenge returns in 2020! Choose your Challenge from the 2, 3 or 5 Dams distances and conquer one of the top 50 rides globally.

The Dams Challenge is fully supported and includes food and water stations along the course, nutrition supplies, motorbike marshals, first aid, broom wagon and more. You can enter the event as an individual rider.

Riders have a set amount of time to complete the challenge (the course closes at 17:00 hours). This means riders will need to travel at an average of at least 20km/h over the course, depending on stoppage time.

Courses and support checkpoints are subject to change, final versions will be advised in the official rider guide.

The event is a personal challenge and NOT a race – no place-getter prizes are awarded.

Key Dates

  • Free jersey offer and early bird period concludes – midnight 31 December 2019
  • Standard pricing Period starts – 1 January 2020
  • Final day to purchase a Dams Challenge jersey, bib knicks or socks – 31 January 2020
  • Standard pricing period concludes – midnight 23 March 2020
  • Late pricing period 24 March – midnight 31 March 2020
  • Final day to register – 31 March 2020
  • Event Day – Sunday 5 April 2020


Start / Finish location: Champion Lakes Regatta Centre – Champion Lakes WA 6111

Date: Sunday, 5 April 2020

Start Times:

  • 5 Dams Challenge from 6:00am
  • 2 Dams Challenge from 7:00am
  • 3 Dams Challenge from 7:30am
  • Event cut-off 5:00pm

Rider Briefings will be held prior to each event, exact times TBC

There are NO allocated start times for participants.  Riders will be released in waves of approximately 20 riders every 30 seconds commencing with the 5 Dams Challenge riders.







Pedal Mafia are the official clothing sponsor for the event.

Register for the Challenge prior to the 31 December and receive a free Pedal Mafia official event jersey (RRP $129).

Strictly NO jersey swaps. Please note if you change your category (eg from 3 Dams to 5 Dams) your jersey design does not change (will still be a 3 Dams).

Size Guide

Pedal Mafia have also have matching Dams Challenge bib knicks and socks which you can purchase through the event registration portal, add these to your event entry and enjoy superior performance and ride in comfort.

  • Each check point will have water and nutrition
  • Lunch is provided for 3 Dams and 5 Dams riders
  • Motorbike marshals will patrol the course providing assistance as required
  • St John Ambulance will be present to provide medical support
  • Broom wagons will follow the last rider
  • Check points and motorbike marshals will have tubes and gas cylinders which can be used and paid for after the event

Please note: Private support vehicles are not permitted as they cause unnecessary traffic congestion and inhibit the ability of official event support vehicles to efficiently navigate the course. Road closures will be in place around some check points and vehicles will not be permitted to enter.


Strict cut-off times at each check point are imposed.  If you do not pass through the check point before the nominated cut-off times you will be deemed to be out of the event.  Nutrition at the checkpoints will be stated in the Rider Guide when released. The 2 Dams Challenge has no required cut-off times as riders should complete the course before 5 Dams Challenge participants.

All check points and cut off times are subject to change. Please note these 2019 check points are noted below.

Checkpoints5 Dams 3 Dams2 Dams
Serpentine Dam63km63km
Albany Hwy/Jarrahdale Rd92km86km
Wungong Dan112km106km
Churchman Brook121km116km17km
Canning Dam175km31km


The Dams Challenge is NOT a race however we do time each rider.  The purpose for timing is to enable us to monitor your progress, locate you on the course and for your information.

Family and friends will be able to monitor your progress throughout the day with live-to-web streaming from check-points.

Due to the lack of communications in some areas not every check point will provide live results.  The final location of the timing stations will be announced in the rider packs.


Become a member of WestCycle’s Strava Club and track your progress against other Dams Challenge participants. You can upload your rides to WestCycle’s Strava Club by using your Garmin, iPhone or Android device.


Rider Packs and jerseys (if you ordered one) will be available for collection on Friday, 3 April and Saturday, 4 April, time and location to be confirmed. Strictly NO pick up on event day.


Every 2 Dams, 3 Dams and 5 Dams Challenge rider who crosses the finish line will receive a commemorative medallion to mark the achievement.

Nutrition and Training guides will be available soon!

The event had its genesis in 1998 and was first officially staged in 2010. It has quickly grown from little over 350 local riders to more than 2,000 participants from all over Australia and overseas.

The 5 Dams Challenge, that fabled endurance test for ageing cyclists, was conceived in a café on the terrace in Fremantle one Saturday morning in 1998. Was it possible to incorporate the five metropolitan dams into a single day’s ride? Intrepid rider Lindsay O’Brien thought so.

The following Tuesday he set out from Claremont, up the scarp at Lesmurdie and on to Mundaring. Then proceeding south to Serpentine, past the dam to the South West Highway and back to Claremont – 280km in just under ten hours.

Many different routes have since been used but all using the basic 5 Dams Challenge framework.

Solitude is the devil’s playground, so the ride is more enjoyable in a group. Many teams of riders have completed the ride, mainly motivated by Ian Pauley who initiated the Summer/Winter Solstice rides and has probably completed the ride more times than any other along with Graham Forward, Peter Gunzberg and Brian “Capo” Roberts.

The ride itself produces its own drama. The fatigue of ill-prepared riders brings out the best and the worst in them. The camaraderie such a ride invokes makes it a memorable experience.

An event like the Dams Challenge requires a small army of volunteers. There is no better way to get close to the action, gain experience for university or TAFE or just give back to the WA cycling community by volunteering your time and being part of a world class event. To register as a volunteer click HERE

  • Can I use public transport to get to the venue?
    Check to see if you can use public transport to the venue from your start location HERE
  • Do I have to register with another rider as part of a paired team?
    No.  In 2017 the Dams Challenge was opened up to individual riders so each rider now needs to register individually.  You may still choose to ride as a pair (as in previous years) on the day of the event.
  • Can I change my event category?
    Yes, if you wish to change from 3/5 Dams to 2 Dams, the difference in price will be refunded, less an administration fee.  If a free jersey was included in your 3/5 Dams registration this will be forfeited.  If you would like to keep the jersey then the difference in price will not be refunded.

    If you wish to change between 3 or 5 Dams, please contact iinfo@westcycle.org.au 

    Please email info@westcycle.org.au to arrange the transfer.   Please note that it is not possible to change jersey event types or sizes from 1 January.

    Any event category changes MUST be recieved by Sunday, 29 March 2019.

  • I can no longer attend the event, can I get a refund?
    A processing fee will apply in the event of a requested refund. Changes MUST be received by Sunday, 29 March 2020.  Please note that it is not possible to change jersey event types or sizes from 1 January 2020.
  • Where can I collect my rider pack?
    Rider Packs and jerseys will be available for collection from TBC on these dates: Friday, 3 April (Time TBC) or Saturday, 4 April (Time TBC). Strictly NO pick up on event day.
  • Can I ride a time trial bike?
    Yes, however we strongly discourage the use of Time Trial bikes and TT bars as they are not the most ideal bike to ride in this type of event.
  • I have signed up for the Dams Challenge. When will I receive specific event information?
    An information pack with all the details you will need will be uploaded to this site and emailed to all registered riders in the week prior to the event.  Important details and changes will also be communicated to riders through email on a regular basis.
  • Can I change the size of my jersey?
    No.  All jerseys are ordered in accordance with your requested size at time of registration.

    Jersey sizes can be tried on at Pedal Mafia HQ, Subiaco should you wish to try one on prior to registering.

  • I have just joined/renewed my membership with WestCycle however when I try to register for the event I get an error message.

    Our registration system requires up to two business days to upload new membership details.  In order to receive the member discount you will need to wait at least until the next day.  If you are still not successful please contact us.

    To claim your membership discount, please enter your details exactly as they appear on your Tidy HQ member profile to ensure your membership can be validated. Your member profile details have been emailed to you if you are a financial member, you can also access them by logging into your Tidy HQ member profile HERE

    All members will be crossed checked to ensure they are financial and eligible to receive the preferential member price. Any non members found to have claimed the member price will be contacted to pay the full registration price.

    If you experience technical difficulties with this process, please contact the WestCycle office during business hours on 08 6336 9688 or email info@westcycle.org.au

  • What are the terms and conditions of riding the Dams?
  • Can I transfer my Dams registration?
    A rider may transfer their registration for the Dams to another rider. A request for a transfer must be received in writing by WestCycle before the close of registrations for the Event and must include all relevant details of the new Rider. To lodge a rider transfer please complete the Rider Substitute Form
  • Do I need a license to ride the Dams?
    No, the Dams Challenge is not a race therefore a license is not required, but we strongly recommend that riders become a WestCycle Ride Member to ensure they are covered 24/7 for personal accident and public liability whenever and wherever they ride, including at events like the Dams.

    You can become a member HERE

    You can also add a membership to your Dams registration through the Register Now portal.

  • Can I purchase a jersey after the early bird period finishes?
    All riders who enter before midnight on 31 December 2019 will recieve a Pedal Mafia 2020 Challenge jersey valued at $129.

    If you register after the early bird period you can purchase a jersey, matching bib knicks and socks up until 31 January 2020.