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This weekend marks a historical occasion for bike riding in Western Australia where members of Bicycling Western Australia, CycleSportWA and West Coast Masters Cycling Council will all come together, ride together and celebrate together regardless of the membership card they hold. Hundreds of riders will descend on York for the York Cycling Festival – presented by the Shire of York and as the name suggests is something we want everyone to enjoy, regardless of your license.

The future plan for the York Cycling Festival is to continue to build on this concept. Over the last couple of weeks the Shire of York has played host to a round of Round 6 of the Chain Reaction Cycles WA Gravity Enduro as well as the CX Numbat Cup which continue into this weekends road riding events. Our intent is that in future years we have one huge event weekend in York showcasing all of these events and uniting the entire cycling community. Add in there a BMX event and you can just imagine the atmosphere and positive impact we will have.

For too long we have put bike riders into categories and ignored the fact that we all get on a bike for the joy of riding, whatever type of bike that is. This has got to such a ridiculous point that people in the bike riding community are holding multiple memberships with multiple insurance policies when only one can be claimed against at any point in time. I’m not suggesting that there aren’t differences in the large range of disciplines of cycling and nuances to each community but at the end of the day we are all bike riders and we have an obligation to put the rider first, not the license type!

In years gone by no one would have thought it possible for West Coast Masters and CycleSportWA members racing together once again, or for Bicycling Western Australia members to be on the same course. There is a lot of history and it takes a process of leaving ego’s at the door and putting the cycling community first and foremost in decision making. A big thank you must go out to the numerous people that have made such an event possible, bridges have been built and we are in a new era of collaboration. Lets hope we can build on the momentum, continue to promote all of cycling as one and continually look through the lens of what is best for the cyclist….our customer.

Happy riding

Matt Fulton

WestCycle CEO