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CycleSport WA encourages all WA riders and families at the National Junior Road Championships to work together to support all riders.

Each state is allowed one car to follow each grade in the road race. The 2015 Junior nationals will have one road race at a time, so only one state team car is required at any 1 time.

 We are following process to select the drivers and mechanics for those cars in an effort to ensure we have a positive supportive team for WA’s athletes.

 Technical Details

·       The team car is governed by the Event Commissaires.

·       All people in the car must be Cycling Australia members

·       The car is to serve all riders from the state, not just selected team riders.

·       Neutral spares vehicles are also included in the race convoy.

·       State team cars may be allowed to move forward to follow the breakaway at the Commissaires discretion

·       Cars must be under 1.65m high

Our guidelines

·       Parents in a state team car should not have their own children in the event they follow.

·       Board Selection is required to establish:

              o   State team Car Driver

              o   State Team Car Mechanic

              o   State Team Car Assistant Mechanic

·       Cars are to be supplied by WA riders and their families

·       Car expenses are to be shared by the riders in that race, as managed by the State team Car Driver.

If you wish to be considered for selection in the role of state team Car Driver, Mechanic or Assistant Mechanic, then please submit an expression of interest by Thursday 28 August to toby.hodgson@westcycle.org.au .

The board of CycleSport WA will consider applications and notify accordingly.