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The City of Perth recently released its draft City Planning Strategy that WestCycle has recently reviewed.

The City Planning Strategy is one of the key guiding documents for the growth of the City over the next 10-15 years. It lays the foundation for the effective planning management and delivery of world-class transport, infrastructure, facilities, places and spaces.

It is pleasing to see that the Strategy will “Prioritise the ongoing delivery of high quality and efficiently networked cycle infrastructure” and recognises that the City of Perth’s Cycle Plan 2029 (now 7 years old) requires a review.

This draft Strategy suggests that as part of the review, the City’s Cycle Plan should also include:

  • Additional routes to better connect train stations, key attractors, activity centres and public open space. 
  • Improving public bicycle ‘end of trip’ infrastructure. These parking facilities should be strategically located in neighbourhood centres and along cycle routes. 
  • Work with State Government and adjoining local governments to review opportunities for a bike share scheme in Perth city.
  • Linkages to adjacent Local Governments and primary cycle routes.

This could be further strengthened by including safe routes to schools, universities and hospitals within and surrounding the City of Perth.

In a recent article from The West, Consulting firm Urbis’ associate director Sean Morrison also praised the focus on population, pedestrians and cyclists saying that “There are three solutions to many of the city’s problems — people, people and people,”

And we agree. 

The City has a great opportunity to create a vibrant, healthy, prosperous city by improving its active transport assets that encourage more people to consider riding a bike to and within the City of Perth. We welcome this progressive strategy to transform Perth into a bike-friendly city by prioritising the ongoing delivery of high quality and efficiently networked cycle infrastructure.

We support the inclusion of the identified active transport priorities into the Perth Greater CBD Transport Plan that is currently under review and we look forward to assisting the City in the review of the City’s Cycle Plan 2029.

For more information on the City of Perth’s draft City Planning Strategy, please visit: https://engage.perth.wa.gov.au/city-planning-strategy