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City of Perth Strategic Community Plan Consultation

For those who live, work or visit Perth, the City of Perth is reviewing its Strategic Community Plan, an over-arching, long-term view of the City that sets the long-term vision to reflect the community’s aspirations – a core document underpinning the City’s planning processes.

We have previously asked you to help ensure that bike riding is a more viable and accessible form of transport in the CBD and make Perth a bike-friendly city and we need your help once again.

In Perth, we have a great Principal Shared Path network leading into the city – and recent extensions of the Fremantle Railway PSP and Mitchell Fwy PSP are great new additions. Yet once we reach the perimeter of the CBD, the network ends and riders must fend for themselves competing with motor vehicles and buses or share spaces in high pedestrian areas. While the recent Perth City Deal announcement that included some investment in some key routes including the new Swan River/Causeway Bridge is welcomed, there is still much more work to be done to make Perth truly bike-friendly.

For further information and to let the City of Perth know that making the city bike-friendly a priority, visit https://engage.perth.wa.gov.au/strategic-community-plan

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