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Bravery Awards have recently been awarded to members of the cycling community for their life-saving efforts in high-pressure situations. Below are the stories of Alison Brewer, Magnus Rudisele, Tom Pawikowski, David Thompson and Marty Calley.

Alison Brewer.

In December 2017 Alison witnessed a male cyclist collapse over his handlebars and collide with a barrier fence, on the Reid Highway Overpass cycleway near the Mitchell Freeway in Balcatta.

Alison was making her way home from a morning ride and had decided to take a different route to avoid built-up traffic. This decision put her in the right place at the right time to save this man’s life!

Alison stopped and assisted the man, who was showing no signs of life. She followed the DRSABCD procedure and called Triple Zero. Alison gave details to the Triple Zero operator and then commenced CPR.

Another passerby, Clive, who was driving to work, then pulled over to help. Alison gave Clive a quick roadside CPR lesson and the pair performed CPR for an estimated 14 minutes until the Paramedics arrived, took over the man’s treatment and loaded him into an ambulance, administering three shocks from a defibrillator before taking him to hospital.

Later that day Alison found out that the man, Merrick, was is a serious but stable condition. He had survived thanks to Alison’s quick actions and the skills she had learned during a Royal Life Saving Provide First Aid course in 2016.

RLSSWA awarded Alison Brewer the GOLD MEDALLION Bravery Award for her quick action to assist this man in his time of need.

Magnus Rudisele, Tom Pawikowski, David Thompson and Marty Calley.

At around 7am on Easter Saturday this year 56-year-old Paul Humphreys was enjoying a bike ride with his cycling group on Alexander Drive in Landsdale, when he suffered a heart attack. Thankfully the group had stopped at the side of the road to repair a punctured tyre when Paul’s heart attack struck, with no warning signs.

Group members Magnus, Tom and Marty came to his aid, rolling him onto his back and commencing CPR. Another rider, David, also assisted, while fellow group member Wanda went to get help from a nearby St John Ambulance depot.

Magnus, Tom, Marty and David had all previously completed CPR training, which was crucial in saving Paul’s life!

Paul received medical assistance from paramedics, who provided five shocks from a defibrillator to restart his heart before taking him to hospital. He underwent surgery to put a stent in one of his arteries and has since made a full recovery.

RLSSWA awarded Magnus Rudisele, Tom Pawikowski, David Thompson and Marty Calley with a GOLD MEDALLION

Congratulations to the above members of our community for their bravery and quick thinking under pressure.