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Public Transport Authority Bike Shelter Upgrade Program – January to June 2019

Between January and June 2019, seven stations across the Transperth network will receive upgrades to their bike shelter facilities, as part of a broader program to meet the growing demand for bike parking at our stations.

Since its inception in 2015, the Bike Shelter Upgrade Program has added more than 1170 secure bike parking spaces to the network, with the January – June program of work set to create around 300 further spaces. The program includes building new shelters, extending existing shelters, and fit-out upgrades to install high-density bike racks, allowing more bikes to safely fit into each shelter.

Work started in mid-January at Beckenham Station, with the program expected to finish at Wellard Station by mid-2019. Existing bike shelters undergoing upgrades will need to be temporarily closed during work.

These upgrades will increase the total number of secure bike spaces by around 300, at the following stations:

Armadale Line

  • Beckenham: Shelter extension and U-rail upgrade* – 34 spaces added
  • Cannington: New shelter – 52 spaces added
  • Victoria Park: New shelter – 24 spaces added

Mandurah Line

  • Wellard: New shelter, U-rail upgrade to existing shelter – 64 spaces added

Fremantle Line

  • North Fremantle: Shelter extension and U-rail upgrade – 34 spaces added
  • Victoria Street: Shelter extension and U-rail upgrade – 26 spaces added

Joondalup Line

  • Warwick: Shelter extension and U-rail upgrade– 58 spaces added

*U-rail upgrades involve replacing U-rails within existing Lock ‘n’ Ride shelters with high-density racks to increase shelter capacity.



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