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We are proud to officially launch a series of Best Practice Guides to Cycling. For over 12 months WestCycle and the cycling community have been working on guidelines for cyclists to follow to improve our riding etiquette.

A lot is discussed about the hostility on the road between bicycle riders and drivers as well as between pedestrians and riders, tension points exist and riders more often than not come off second best when these hostilities escalate.

Creating a more harmonious riding environment is not only critical to rider safety but to increasing the number of people who choose to ride a bike. The benefits in doing so flow through to all West Australian’s through health care savings, the reduction of congestion and environmental advantages.

As riders we cannot directly control the attitudes, thoughts and behaviours of other road users, but we can control our own behaviour and etiquette and if we uphold the highest of standards this will in turn, over time, result in respect from others.

The Best Practice Guides do not outline road rules – they communicate principles that you won’t find in a rulebook and we hope that they are widely adopted within the cycling community.

With this in mind, in consultation with numerous stakeholders, we have developed a series of “Best Practice Guides” to riding. The project was made possible through funding from the Road Trauma Trust Account.

1. Riding Safely in a Group

2. Riding Safely on your Own

3. Driving Safely with Bike Riders


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