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Australian Bicycle Organisation Roundtable

Philip Taylor- Safety and Transport Manager 

Prior to the 2018 Australian Bicycle Summit, a meeting between the Australian Bicycle Organisations was held. This meeting provided the opportunity for the bicycle organisations from around Australia to get together discuss the challenges that these organisations face as individuals and identify those we face as a collective. With representatives from Bicycle NSW, Bicycle SA, Pedal Power ACT, Amy Gillett Foundation, BMX Australia, Mountain Bike Australia, Cycling Australia, Cycling and Walking Australia New Zealand and We Ride Australia together in the one room, there were many common issues and opportunities for collaboration identified.

As a group, we decided to create a two-sentence statement that describes our commitment to working cooperatively and identifies the common values that we all share.

“We are committed to a nation where every child and every adult can enjoy riding a bike safely for transport, recreation and sport. Together we will make Australia healthier and more sustainable through a national commitment to cycling education, training and quality infrastructure.”

Photo: Jessica Hromas


Summit and Awards Night

The 2018 Australian Bicycle Summit and Cycling Luminaries Awards provided a smorgasbord of inspiring ideas and thought-provoking strategies to better cycling in Australia with speakers from across Australia and across the world. The main theme of the Summit was collaboration, not only nationally, but also locally. We were challenged to preach the benefits of cycling wider than to the already converted by constructing our advocacy efforts to speak the language of potential allies who are also aiming to improve our cities, regions and communities. This means having a greater understanding of the wider health, tourism, environmental, economic, road safety and livability goals and demonstrating how cycling can play a part in the context of improving these key portfolio areas of government.

The takeaway I will bring back to WA is the need to create a united Western Australian bicycle community and identify opportunities to collaborate with cycling and non-cycling organisations. By identifying the common opportunities across the disciplines of cycling and identifying areas of consensus, this will help WestCycle progress the growth of cycling WA for the years to come.