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A beautiful day in the natural amphitheatre of the Bentley circuit with over 140 riders across five grades. First up were the Juniors in E grade with some plucky riding, especially Ms Howard on her petite bmx, who received a round of applause on every lap. D Grade mixed with B grade women set a fast pace to come down to a 5 man sprint, then 5 minutes later the ladies. A, B and C grades were bursting with energy and the speeds shocked a few. A big thankyou to RCCC for a great day of racing for young and old.

Congratulations to the following riders who claimed first, second and third in their respective categories on one of Australia’s most celebrated days of the year…

A Grade:
1st.Travis Meyer,

2nd. M Fitzgerald,

3rd. R Power

A Grade Women:
1st. L Burford,

2nd. Liz Leydon

B Grade:
1st. T McLelland,

2nd. S Andrews,

3rd. J Flynn

B Grade Women:
1st. J Kalotas,

2nd. A Dyson,

3rd. S Sherwin


C Grade:
1st. B o’Brien,

2nd. C Gargett,

3rd. C Wiggins

D Grade:
1st. M Veron,

2nd. R Shortland,

3rd. N Adcock


E Grade:
1st. S Barrett,

2nd. L Fraser,

3rd. H Lawler