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WestCycle Update from CEO Matt Fulton

As you may be aware, over the last two years the governance and running of cycling in Australia has been discussed at length, resulting in the formation of AusCycling at a National level. It is no secret that WestCycle held strong views that this would result in poorer outcomes for the bike riding community of Western Australia. 


Given the pending date for AusCycling to commence is only a matter of days away (1st November), I felt it appropriate to write to provide a thorough update. 


As has been stated publicly, WestCycle acknowledges the decision to form AusCycling and now the outcome has been determined, we look forward to developing a positive and constructive relationship with AusCycling. A number of video conferences have already taken place to establish ways of working together and I am very optimistic that we can co-exist to create great outcomes here in Western Australia. 


WestCycle’s role as the peak body for bike riding in Western Australia remains unchanged. We still remain focused on the Vision outlined in Our Bike Path – A Strategic Framework for Cycling in Western Australia:

Our vision is for Western Australia to be a state that embraces cycling in all its forms. A state with a safe cycling environment, a strong cycling culture and where riding a bike is the normal way our children get to school” and State Government will continue to recognise WestCycle as the peak cycling body.


What will change however, is that AusCycling will be responsible for the delivery of services to competitive bike riders from the 1st November.


WestCycle will recognise AusCycling in providing competitive events and racing licenses and shift our resourcing that has been working on competitive riders to be on the Urban Mobility and Recreation segments of the riding community.


It’s important to note that WestCycle remains as committed as ever to Clubs and competitive cycling, however we will respect that AusCycling is the organisation that will deliver many of the services to these members.


Practically not a lot will change for the vast majority of the riding community. WestCycle will recognise AusCycling as the organisation focusing on race sanctioning, official management, state and national level events, high-performance, state team management, competitive licenses, talent ID and pathways. WestCycle will continue and up-weight our focus in all other areas. 


AusCycling have commenced their recruitment process to fill positions and we have extended an offer to AusCycling for those staff members to be based in our office at West Leederville so we can have a collaborative relationship together. 


We are currently investigating structures to enable us to be informed on the priorities for competitive cycling so that we can continue to advocate for your needs and support AusCycling in this process. 

This change allows WestCycle to re-divert our resources that are currently focused on competitive riding to deliver more outcomes for those that ride recreationally or to get from A to B. This is an incredibly exciting opportunity that I know many of you will welcome as there are many deliverables within Our Bike Path that we have not had the capacity to focus on over the last few years. 


On Monday 26th October the Board of WestCycle approved a new business plan for the organisation moving forward, which will see WestCycle implement a range of new initiatives. In the coming weeks and months, I look forward to updating you all on our strategic direction and the actions that will come from it. 


As part of the exciting changes happening at WestCycle, yesterday we advertised a range of new roles within our team. This will enable us to deliver upon our strategy moving forward and I would encourage all those in the riding community to consider these opportunities. 


The new roles being advertised are: 

  • General Manager – Operations 
  • Mountain Bike Manager
  • Event Manager 
  • Office Assistant 
  • Project Coordinator 


On a final note I am personally really looking forward to the future for cycling in Western Australia. Now we have finalised the discussions in regard to the administration of cycling, we can get back to focusing on what is really important and that is better outcomes for the entire riding community. 


I look forward to working with AusCycling and believe a lot of positive will come from that relationship. As your peak body in Western Australia, WestCycle is looking forward to delivering the big opportunities we have to make Western Australia the best place to ride a bike! 


Yours sincerely,


Matt Fulton

Chief Executive Officer