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Are you getting saddle pain while cycling?

Saddle pain in cyclists is very common!

Did you know that saddle pain and saddle sores are one of the most common, but least talked about problems in cyclists, from amateur to elite? Prior to the London Olympics, an anonymous survey revealed that it was the number one reason that members of the British Women’s Cycling Team missed a training session!

The saddle in a road cyclist, typically supports between 60-70% of the cyclist’s weight. It must also allow the pelvis and spine to roll forward for the arms to reach the handlebars, gears and brakes, as well as allow the thighs to slide either side of the seat to push the pedals between 80-100 times per minute. No wonder it is a source of problems!!!

Is it the saddle, or is it my bike position? How do I know which is the problem?

The typical first move for a cyclist with saddle pain is to change the saddle. The international bikefit and research team which Star Physio is a part of has identified that in fact only 20% of saddle pain is due to the incorrect saddle, and 80% is due to incorrect bike fit!

The use of dynamic pressure and stability analysis at the saddle is the only way to accurately identify and correct the issues related to saddle discomfort. Anything else is guesswork really!

Apart from showing us that the weight and pressure on the saddle is correct, this analysis also shows how stable a cyclist is while pedaling, the gold standard for establishing correct saddle height and reach.

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If we do determine that your saddle is the main problem, we are proud to stock the Gebiomized range of saddles exclusively in Western Australia as used by many of the best cyclists and triathletes in the world.

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