Advocacy and Policy

WestCycle advocate on behalf of the Western Australia riding community.

Our vision is for Western Australia to be a state that embraces bike riding in all its forms. A state with a safe riding environment, a strong cycling culture and where riding a bike is the normal way our children get to school. This won’t happen by chance and it requires a strong and united voice to achieve the change that is necessary.

As the peak body for bike riding in Western Australia, WestCycle strives to find common and united positions of key areas of advocacy, providing the tools for the entire community to drive for change and leading discussions with key stakeholders.

We are Western Australian.

We are a dedicated team of people based in WA whose shared passion is to develop, promote and improve all forms of bike riding in Western Australia.

All WestCycle Membership proceeds are retained in Western Australia, and are used to create beneficial change for all bike riders in Western Australia.

WestCycle believes in building effective relationships with government and key decision-makers. Effective advocacy is all about achieving outcomes, and we choose to use a positive and constructive approach to reach good outcomes for West Australian bike riders.

Support our advocacy.

WestCycle’s goal is to ensure that the bike riding community is represented at the table of every discussion to contribute towards positive outcomes for all WA bike riders.

We have a small but dedicated team, and your WestCycle Membership helps us to be able to allocate more time and resources to represent at meetings, review plans, write submissions, and contact members of Parliament so that our members can spend more time on their bikes.

How can you help to create a bike-friendly WA?

Whilst your WestCycle Membership helps us represent WA bike riders, there are other ways that you, as part of the bike riding community, can contribute to a bike-friendly WA. That is by engaging with local government, completing surveys, helping your workplace or school become more bike-friendly, volunteering at a local cycling club, or simply helping and encouraging a friend to learn the ropes about riding a bike in WA.

Our advocacy efforts are made possible by our members who support us to make bike riding better in Western Australia. Join the Ride today.