Who is WestCycle?

WestCycle is the peak body for bike riding throughout Western Australia and a representative voice for all bike riders. We are an incorporated non-profit organisation with an independent Board of Directors. Our dedicated team strives to develop, promote and enact positive change state-wide.

We embrace all elements of riding a bike. We are for long rides and short rides. For riding to work, riding to school, weekend rides, racing, bunch rides, BMX rides, hitting the trails and for quick spins around the block.

The newly adopted strategic plan articulates the focus of WestCycle with the following pillars:
Representation – lead & collaborate
Growth – in participation through engaging our community
Sustainability – strengthen the bike riding community

We lead change for bike riding infrastructure, participation, safety and community attitudes. We are the industry representative body for cycling to government.

We operate at a strategic level by leading and coordinating the growth and development of bike riding in Western Australia. We advocate and campaign to government on a range of cycling related issues, including road safety and infrastructure development.

Our Vision

More people riding bikes more often

Our Purpose

Leading change for bike riding infrastructure, participation, safety and community attitudes

Our Values



We inspire growth and action
We provide direction, motivation and guidance
We take a big picture view
We strive to raise the standards for the whole industry


We do great things together.
We deliver success through shared goals and mutual support
We help and support each other to achieve a collective goal
We listen and evolve together
We facilitate the use of collective knowledge and energy


We build an organisation for the future
We take care of our team
Success breeds sustainability
We make decisions and act with regard to the environment, our economy and society

Our History

WestCycle was created following the findings of the Department of Sport and Recreation commissioned report: Developing a Community of Cycling in Western Australia.

This report found that cycling outcomes were not being maximised in WA because there was a lack of coordination between all of the state government agencies involved in cycling and the WA cycling community. The report found that the best option for cycling in WA was to establish a model that integrated commuter, recreation and the competitive dimensions of cycling. To achieve this the report recommended that a new overarching coordinating group should be established, resourced and empowered to take on the role of:
• Becoming the interface between the cycling community and government;
• Produce a statewide plan for the activity of cycling;
• Distribute government funds to groups for the achievement of specific outcomes outlined in the statewide plan for cycling; and
• Have responsibility for some generic functions (like advocacy).

And so, WestCycle was born. We were incorporated in 2011 and commenced formal operations in January 2012.