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After a cancellation in April due to inclement weather and low entry numbers, the 2018 State Criterium Championships were finally run and won on a new circuit in Bayswater. The championships were co-hosted by Midland Cycle Club and Roues Chaudes Cycling Club.

The first part of the day saw the junior men and women U13, U15 and U17 events with the U19 events combined with the Open Men and Women. All of these events saw some fierce racing

The following riders coming away with medals:

1 Samuel Washington
2 Samuel Castle
3 Lachlan O’Brian

1 Fay Wiggins
2 Jordan Britz

1 Ryley Collett
2 Ben Pepper
3 Joshua Howe

1 Emily Wiggins
2 Isabella Commons
3 Emily Washington

1 Joshua Commons
2 Riley Heslop
3 Matthew Connan

1 Danica Wiggins
2 Dhalia Haines
3 Jasmyn Quick

The second session saw the Masters and Open athletes take centre stage. All races saw aggressive riding, particularly the Men’s MAS 50 + which saw attach after attack until finally coming down to a bunch sprint.

The Open Women’s race was a tactical affair with riders trying to get off the front with little success. The race finally came down to a sprint with ex Olympic hockey player Tenielle Attard taking the win over a Jade Haines and Sarah Kitis. It’s great to see Jade back on the bike and straight back to the pointy end of the race.

The Open Men’s race was on from the gun. Three riders attacked from the bunch and managed to get a gap. Patrick Saccani-Williams, the veteran Luke Pledger and young gun JP Van Der Merwe worked well together and were not seen again by the bunch. The eventually managed to lap the entire field with the exception of Stephen Hall.

JP won the sprint to take the jersey with Luke in second and Patrick in third.

The JM U19 event ran with the Open Men. Aron Barcaly and Chester Hinton contested this event which came down to a sprint with Chester just pipping Aron on the line.

All of the Masters and Open results are below:

1 Chester Hinton
2 Aron Barclay

1 Clint Thompson
2 Matt King
3 Raphael Amouroux

1 Michelle McLintock
2 Elizabeth Burrows
3 Gwen Lossie

1 Brett Stapleton
2 Ian Gregory
3 Paul Foxwell

1 Amanda Nabi

1 Andrew Brierley
2 Peter Hammond
3 Phillip Deisel

Jenny Sammons
Rose Sellar
Shirley Dow-Vine

Open Men
1 JP Van Der Merwe
2 Luke Pledger
3 Patrick Saccani-Williams

Open Women
1 Teneal Attard
2 Jade Haines
3 Sarah Kitis.

A great day of racing with the new circuit being well received. The 2019 State Criterium Titles will be back on in March.