Vote 4 Cycling

WestCycle has joined forces with Australia's major cycling organisations to create an election platform and give Australia's four million bike riders a voice in the 2013 election.

The Vote4Cycling election campaign was launched today by the first ever partnership of 22 national, state and community cycling organisations from around the country.

The group maintains cycling is now one of the largest constituencies in this country, growing rapidly, and deserves a place at the policy table.

Vote4Cycling spokesman, Stephen Hodge, said: “The political parties have to realise that a huge number of Australians are now riding bikes and they want their concerns recognised and addressed.

‘There is a groundswell and shift in public opinion for cycling underway and we will be contacting as many candidates as possible around the country and asking them to post their positions on the Vote4Cycling website.

‘We will present the names collected in our online Vote4Cycling campaign to the leaders of all major parties during the election campaign in the hope we can secure multi‐party support and commitment for our policy proposals.’

‘We encourage everyone, whether a cyclist or not, to visit Vote4Cycling, sign the Vote4Cycling petition and have a look at what your local candidate plans to do in your local electorate.’

The campaign is driven by a web‐based policy portal, which invites candidates to register their policies for cycling, an online ‘I Vote4Cycling’ petition for the public, Vote4Cycling election policy proposal and coverage of major party policies for cycling.

The website can be found at

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