Request For Tender

WestCycle is inviting submissions from suitably qualified consultants for the development of a Strategic Cycling Facilities Plan for Western Australia.

Road, track, criterium and BMX cycling facilities are to be covered under the project.

The study area extends statewide for BMX facilities, while for road, criterium and track cycling facilities, the scope extends to the Perth, Peel and South West regions of WA.

The project is to incorporate both formal and informal cycling facilities used by recreation and competitive cyclists. By informal facilities we refer to the ‘on-road’ network used by cyclists for recreation, training and competition.

Some of the outputs required from the project include:

  • Determining current and projected participation levels for each of the cycling discipline covered. 
  • Determining the needs of recreational and competitive cyclists and clubs with respect to facility and infrastructure provision.
  • An audit of existing BMX, criterium and track cycling facilities.
  • An audit of the primary ‘on-road’ routes and paths used by recreation and competitive cyclists for training and competition.
  • A gap assessment, which identifies all gaps and duplication in cycling facility provision.
  • Determining and recommending what infrastructure improvements are required to existing BMX and track cycling facilities, as well as the primary ‘on-road’ routes and paths used for training and competition.
  • Determining and recommending what new cycling facilities are needed, including potential locations, estimated costs, timeframe for delivery and priority ranking.
  • The development of a hierarchy of cycling facility provision that informs the level and type of infrastructure required to support each type of facility.
  • The development of a strategy that ensures sufficient and appropriate consideration is given to recreational and competitive cycling facility provision by all levels of government.
  • GIS mapping of formal and informal cycling facility provision and distribution.
  • An implementation plan to achieve the intended facility distribution for cycling over the next 10 years.

The successful consultant will ultimately be required to develop a strategic document that provides advice on the locations and facilities needed to meet the needs of the sport of cycling in WA both now and into the future.

Tender documents can be obtained by emailing Westcycle.

The closing date for submissions is 5pm on Friday August 2.

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