Cycle Solution to Train Shutdowns

In response to the upcoming train sutdowns along the Fremantle line, Dismantle is organising a Bikebus to get people to and from the CBD by bike.

Bikebus will be operating on the 15th, 16th and 17th of July to give Perth commuters a transport alternative during the planned train line upgrades.

Bikebus is about encouraging social, healthy and active transport for all people of all levels of cycling experience.

Each weekday morning of the train shutdowns a Bikebus will leave from Fremantle Station and travel along the Fremantle line principal shared pathway. It will follow a predetermined timetable to 'pick up' passengers at each train station along the way.

Dismantle's new Mobile Workshop, a cargo bike equipped with a full bike toolkit, will follow the group to provide on-the-spot repair for any breakdowns during the ride.

The Bikebus timetable allows a leisurely hour and a half ride to get to the city, so riders of all capabilities are able to travel at their own pace. A return ride will be leaving from Perth to Fremantle at 5.45pm to offer the same social ride on the way back.

For more info and an up to date timetable check out

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