High Performance Cycling Review Report Handed Down

The establishment of a High Performance Advisory Group (HPAG) and the need for better cooperation amongst the cycling disciplines are two of eleven recommendations to emerge from the High Performance Cycling Review recently completed by Brian Miller.  
WestCycle commissioned Brian Miller to undertake a review into the high performance program and pathway needs of road cycling, track cycling, BMX and mountain biking in November 2012. The focus of the review was on the development programs that underpin the WA Institute of Sport (WAIS) cycling program. 
The process involved identifying the current 'as is' situation within each discipline and then seeking to define the preferred future state or the 'to be' situation. The review also involved seeking information from national, interstate and international comparators. 
Following on from the findings of the review, WestCycle will now work with Cycling WA, BMX Sports WA, WA Mountain Bike Association, Department of Sport and Recreation and WAIS to establish a Cycling High Performance Advisory Group for WA. 
A copy of the High Performance Cycling Review can be downloaded here

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