Durbridge & Meyer do WA Proud

Congratulations to WA members of ORICA GreenEDGE for their wins at the 2013 Mars Road National Championships.

Luke Durbridge of Greenwood made history by becoming the first Australian male professional to win both the road race and time trial in the same year. Following the teams race plan, Luke took a moment to thank his team stating that “it’s all good to take the glory at the front of the race, but it doesn’t happen without a true team effort”. Dubridge’s good news continues, with an announcement released today from ORICA GreenEDGE announcing that Luke has secured a spot on the Tour Down Under team.

ORICA GreenEDGE continued to rack up wins with Cameron Meyer taking the gold medal on the 33km criterium circuit. Some great work from the team including Cameron’s brother Travis assisted Cameron to the win in a discipline that Cameron admits, “is not my forte”.

The three wins topped of a great Road Nationals for ORICA GreenEDGE which also included a silver and bronze medal.

More news can be found at ORICA GreenEDGE's official website at

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