WA MTB Strategy - Online Survey

Westcycle has engaged Single Track Minds to develop a Mountain Bike Strategy for WA. STM are encouraging all riders to get involved and have their say through the completion of an online survey.

The information collected through the survey will be used to help identify the best opportunities for mountain biking in the State, the expectations and needs of all levels and types of riders, and a way forward for future trail and infrastructure development.

The WA Mountain Bike Strategy intends on addressing a number of State level issues including:

  • Strategic identification of sites for trail development that are in alignment with environmental policies and mapping and also provide positive and diverse mountain biking experiences;
  • Developing strong governance models, in particular establishing clear roles and responsibility between local organisations and State Government;
  • Establishing a clear strategic framework for trail planning and development to ensure strategic plans can be effectively and efficiently transferred to on-the- ground trail development;
  • Prioritisation of sites and regions for trail development to ensure supply is in alignment with current and future demand;
  • Development of funding frameworks to establish mechanisms and opportunities for funding including for trail development and ongoing maintenance; and
  • Ensuring the sport of mountain biking can continue to grow through education, marketing and club development.

Please contact Single Track Minds at any time if you would like to provide further information or have a chat with them.

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