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The McGowan Labor Government has committed to the introduction of a 2 year trial of Minimum Passing laws to support the safety of bike riders. It is important that we communicate to the wider community the importance of giving space to cyclists when overtaking. This is your chance to join in and create a large visual message that a “Metre Matters” to riders. 

We're pleased to announce the launch of the WestCycle / Metre Matters kit. In conjunction with the Amy Gillett Foundation we aim to raise the awareness that drivers should allow a minimum distance of one metre when overtaking cyclists. 

Your support of the 'Metre Matters' message will be critical in the lead up to the trial of Minimum Passing Distance legislation in Western Australia. 

Our vision is that hundreds of riders in Western Australia will proudly wear this message so it becomes top of mind for all drivers. Your support will go a long way in getting this message across. 

A full range of kit is now available for purchase online. There are 4 different jersey designs to choose from, all prominently featuring the "Metre Matters" logo. Two different styles of knicks, wind vests to match, arm warmers, leg warmers and a Euro cycling cap are also available.

As all orders are made to your requirements, you can choose a jersey from $99, or go for the more premium options which are $129 and $139 respectively.

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