She Rides. For fitness. To make friends. For freedom!

She Rides is an introductory riding program focused on fitness, skills development and creating a social riding community of women - to get you ready to make riding part of your everyday life.

There’s nothing quite like riding a bike to experience the feeling of freedom. For most it quickly brings back childhood memories of riding with friends, having fun outdoors, being fit and active. But for many women, somewhere along the road to adulthood, the bike gets put away and they stop riding.

The program, available in 30 locations nationally, is designed to run over eight weeks, with one session each week. Participants can choose between a road riding program and a mountain bike program. The program includes face-to-face sessions with your accredited coach, in a small group environment, together with a three-month recreational membership to Cycling Australia.

Following the successful first program throughout winter, registration is now open for the spring program, starting in early October, at


$149 (early bird rego from 18 August - 7 September)

$169 (regular rego from 8 September - 3 October)


Why participate in She Rides?
In 2013 Cycling Australia undertook a research study into women and cycling. They discovered fitness and health, together with the fun social aspect, were the top reasons women choose to ride. What it also highlighted however was that more women would ride, or ride more regularly, if they felt safer, had access to other women who ride at the same level or access to organised group rides.

This research study became the foundation for a new and exciting vision - to create a national community of women who ride - She Rides.  

Alexandra Bright, Program Manager at She Rides, Cycling Australia
“Riding a bike is great for developing fitness, for improving health, is a fabulous mode of active travel, is great for the environment and above all, riding a bike is fun! It also reconnects us with a sense of freedom and independence that for many women, has been lost since childhood.  The She Rides Program is important because it provides a supportive, encouraging, fun and motivating environment for women to develop their skills and confidence to ride in both traffic situations and off-road environments.”

Jane, She Rides program participant
“About 20 years ago I rode a mountain bike, but after having children, I lost my confidence and gained weight. In the past eight weeks, I’ve lost 9kg and regained my confidence. Memories of how I used to fly on my bike have returned.  I have reclaimed myself. This couldn’t have been achieved in a weekend. Over the program friendships have blossomed, knowledge has been gained, and I know I will keep this up. It’s not a passing fad. Thank you to She Rides for making this happen”

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