Vincent Bike Network Plan - Invitation to Comment

The City of Vincent proposed Bike Network Plan will spend an unprecedented $2.5 million and deliver 10km of much-needed cycling paths and infrastructure, which will make Vincent one of Australia’s most bike-friendly Councils.

The Plan aims to create safer and smarter routes which encourage people to cycle, help relieve traffic congestion and improve access between our urban villages.

The new cycling paths have been carefully researched and chosen by the City. In 2012, the City contracted AURECON Transport Engineers and Planners to develop the Plan. The draft was then presented to other expert groups and promoted to the community for comment (via workshops and online surveys, Dec 2012 - Feb 2013) before being approved in principle for formal consultation in October last year.

As part of the City’s overall Greening Plan, reconfiguring verges will result in opportunities to plant trees and create waterwise garden beds in the nib areas with more appropriate species that require little water or fertiliser.

Community consultation

The City of Vincent is consulting the community on these important infrastructure components in two stages:
- Vincent/Bulwer Streets - between 28 April - 23 May 2014
- Oxford Street and Scarborough Beach Road - between 30 May - 20 June 2014.

A detailed brochure outlining works on Vincent/Bulwer Streets is being delivered to all houses surrounding the area directly affected by the works between 28 April and 5 May, but can also be accessed here. Please take the time to read it and consider commenting on the Plan.

For more information on the City of Vincnet Bike Network Plan click here 

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