13 July 2017

Best Practice Guides to Cycling

We are proud to officially launch a series of Best Practice Guides to Cycling. For over 12 months WestCycle and the cycling community have been working on guidelines for cyclists to follow to improve our riding etiquette. 

A lot is discussed about the hostility on the road between bicycle riders and drivers as well as between pedestrians and riders, tension points exist and riders more often than not come off second best when these hostilities escalate.
Creating a more harmonious riding environment is not only critical to rider safety but to increasing the number of people who choose to ride a bike.The benefits in doing so flow through to all West Australian’s through health care savings, the reduction of congestion and environmental advantages.
As riders we cannot directly control the attitudes, thoughts and behaviours of other road users, but we can control our own behaviour and etiquette and if we uphold the highest of standards this will in turn, over time, result in respect from others.
The Best Practice Guides do not outline road rules - they communicate principles that you won’t find in a rulebook and we hope that they are widely adopted within the cycling community. 
With this in mind, in consultation with numerous stakeholders, we have developed a series of “Best Practice Guides” to riding. The project was made possible through funding from the Road Trauma Trust Account. 

 Cover Page Riding safely in a group

Cover page Riding safely on your own

Cover Page Driving safely with bike riders

09 June 2017


Black back


The McGowan Labor Government has committed to the introduction of a 2 year trial of Minimum Passing laws to support the safety of bike riders. It is important that we communicate to the wider community the importance of giving space to cyclists when overtaking. This is your chance to join in and create a large visual message that a “Metre Matters” to riders. 

We're pleased to announce the launch of the WestCycle / Metre Matters kit. In conjunction with the Amy Gillett Foundation we aim to raise the awareness that drivers should allow a minimum distance of one metre when overtaking cyclists. 

Your support of the 'Metre Matters' message will be critical in the lead up to the trial of Minimum Passing Distance legislation in Western Australia. 

Our vision is that hundreds of riders in Western Australia will proudly wear this message so it becomes top of mind for all drivers. Your support will go a long way in getting this message across. 

A full range of kit is now available for purchase online. There are 4 different jersey designs to choose from, all prominently featuring the "Metre Matters" logo. Two different styles of knicks, wind vests to match, arm warmers, leg warmers and a Euro cycling cap are also available.

As all orders are made to your requirements, you can choose a jersey from $99, or go for the more premium options which are $129 and $139 respectively.

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WC Knicks backWC Knicks side

Click here to view the full range and shop now!

08 March 2017

#INVESTinCYCLING Summary of Commitment

Ahead of the 2017 State election on Saturday, 11th March we have drawn together the cycling commitments of the four major political parties. This table summarises each party’s platform for cycling. 
For each party’s cycling policy document, please visit: 
Liberals WA -  A Cycling City. Available at:
WA Labor - Cycling for the Future. Available at:  
The Nationals WA - Regional Mountain Bike Trails. Available at: 
The Greens (WA). (2017). WA State Policies. Available at:

Click here to view the full table.


04 January 2017


We are pleased to announce the launch of our Election Policy Document: #INVESTinCYCLING 

The #INVESTinCYCLING document details the benefits of Investing in Cycling in Western Australia, which include:
  • Increasing the health of Western Australians
  • Making our communities more liveable
  • Reducing congestion
  • Winning WA more gold medals on the world stage
WestCycle and its 34 member organisations, on behalf of the 600,000 people who ride a bicycle each week in WA are calling for commitments to:
          1. Double investment in cycling infrastructure
          2. Ensure the safety of cyclists
          3. Support cycling across multiple ministerial portfolios
          4. Prioritise cycling education for children
          5. Develop facilities for sport cycling


We look forward to working with both sides of government in the lead up to the State Election and for the remainder of 2017 and beyond. 
To view the #INVESTinCYCLING document, click here.
 screen shot 2017-01-04 at 12.31.58 pm
21 December 2016

State Government Announces $1.1m campaign for cyclist safety

Today the State Government announced a $1.1 million campaign to improve cycling safety. The campaign will increase awareness of one of the roadsmost vulnerable user groups and educate the community on the importance of giving a minimum distance when overtaking cyclists. The investment behind this campaign sees a 400% increase in the level of spending from the Road Trauma Trust Account on cycling initiatives compared to 2015/16.

Cycling participation levels are higher in Western Australia than anywhere else in the country. Cycling provides many benefits to the Western Australian community, such as reducing congestion, bringing savings to the health care system, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and attracting tourists. Making it safer to ride will extend the benefits of cycling even further and make our communities more livable.

“It’s pleasing to see that the State Government has listened to the public and are supporting cycling safety through this significant education campaign”, Matt Fulton, CEO WestCycle.

“In late 2015 WestCycle conducted a cycling safety survey, which received over 2,000 responses from both cyclists and non-cyclists. 76% of respondents believed that a statewide education campaign to foster mutual respect’ would make bike riding safer,“ Mr Fulton said.

“We know that no one wants to intentionally cause harm to another human being, however the truth is that a lot of drivers get nervous when they need to overtake a cyclist on the road. This campaign will give us a great platform to educate the community and make the roads a safer place for everyone”.

“We look forward to partnering with the Road Safety Commission on the campaign to work towards reducing the death toll to zero,said Mr Fulton. 

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