WA Cycling High Performance Strategic Plan


Western Australian Cycling's High Performance Plan 2016 - 2020 will provide structure, investment, and accountability across all cycling disciplines in Western Australia.  It will identify where investment is needed within cycling in order to provide a clear focus on obtaining successful outcomes at benchmark events.

While this plan focus is 2016 - 2020 some of the structure will have a long-term focus beyond 2020. We believe these targets will serve to provide a clear focus and a strategically consistent approach to operational decisions and investment. This plan covers the sport's high performance vision, the current environment, the future focus and the resources necessary for us to deliver on our overaching goals and benchmark targets.

It is our vision that cycling at state level in Western Australia will significantly improve. This improvement will be measurde via the bench mark targets and KPI's associated with the relevant state development environment.

Download a copy of the WA Cycling High Performance Strategic Plan.

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