Cycling Development

Some of us ride for transport, some of us ride for fun, some of us ride for fitness and some of us ride to compete. No matter what bike you ride or the reason you ride, we are working to make cycling a more accessible and more rewarding experience for you.

We believe that WA needs a cycle path for success. So we are developing a statewide strategic plan for cycling to provide direction and focus for government, key decision makers and the WA cycling community.

We also want to make WA's roads safer for cycling and your community more cycle friendly. We believe that the collective voice of the WA cycling community will achieve so much more than separate cycling groups speaking out individually on cycling issues.

We are currently working on a bunch of projects that will guide and develop cycling both now and into the future. You can check out a few of these on the menu to the right.

So whether you're hitting the Kalumanda Circuit, hammering around the Swan or riding to work on a PSP, we are working to get more people cycling and to make your ride a safer and more enjoyable experience.


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