Getting on your bike and hitting a trail or the road is fun and rewarding.

But sometimes riding on our roads is hostile, frustrating and downright scary.

In recent times the legitimate rights of cyclists as road users has been increasingly been called into questions by motorists, media outlets and talkback radio callers.

Mountain bike riders are also experiencing their share of frustrations as they search for sanctioned single-track trail experiences in the South West, in the Kimberly and in the Perth Hills.

We are working to change all of that!

We believe that significant changes in both behavior and infrastructure are needed to make WA a cycling friendly state. This requires a cultural shift in the minds of motorists, media outlets and the decision makers who have long ignored cycling.

Not only are we advocating for a significant increase in government investment for more cycling initiatives and infrastructure, but we are also working on campaigns and education programs that we hope will improve and change attitudes amongst road users.


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